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Every issue we handle is different, but the experience we gain informs the next in five main areas

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Reputation Protection

Our team is renowned as leaders in the field for defending reputations, privacy and confidentiality wherever and whenever problems arise. Clients tell us they value the speed of our response, the rigour with which we fight their corner and the creative strategies we deliver in difficult situations.

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Debanking, profiling and compliance

The data assembled on us influences how others view and interact with us, particularly with financial institutions. We work to identify issues that damage a reputation and create blocks, resolving the problems to protect freedom to operate.

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Investigations and Disputes

What start as allegations affecting reputation can easily tip into more serious problems and involve regulators, litigation and blocks on freedom to operate. We work with clients to identify the risks of becoming embroiled in investigations and act to protect them from the consequences.

Impact of Crime

We support innocent parties caught up in criminal justice processes to ensure their rights are protected in Court and in publicity around the proceedings. While criminality is ongoing, while proceedings are active and after conviction, we ensure that the lives of the innocent are not blighted by the wrongs of others.

Conduct and Culture

Some of the most serious reputation problems arise from the conduct of individuals or groups. We work both with organisations that are concerned about damage to their reputation, and those whose livelihoods are at risk from false or exaggerated claims about them.