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Overcome crisis. Secure privacy. Protect reputation.

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Expert reputation advice

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We are award winning specialist lawyers who advise leaders on handling urgent, serious and complex issues that impact their reputation or privacy. Our experienced team assert rights to protect against attacks and guard your freedom to operate.

We work quickly, discreetly and around the clock handling threats from investigations to campaigners, short-sellers to dirty tricks and fake news to blackmail.

Make the right choice

The Team

When facing a threat to reputation decision makers face the challenge - don’t do enough to avoid harm, or do the wrong things and make it worse. Our skill is in finding the path between the two to achieve better results.

We do this through a structured approach trusted by business leaders around the world, knowing that if you approach problems the same way everyone else does you will get the same results.

Why are we still talking about misinformation?

Cancel culture on social media is thriving – but why is misinformation yet to be “cancelled”?

Ok, but first reputation.

When does litigation to protect your intangible assets do more harm to the brand than good? Jess Alden explores the reputation cost of trademark disputes.

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Apple to give iCloud access to the loved ones of deceased users

Tech giant follows test case by our team to give effect to digital rights after life.