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Overcome crisis. Secure privacy. Protect reputation.

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Expert reputation advice

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We are a specialist law firm that advises leaders on handling urgent, serious and complex issues that impact their reputation or privacy. Our team has deep experience using legal skills and rights to protect against attacks and guard your freedom to operate.

We work quickly, discreetly and around the clock handling threats from investigations to campaigners, short-sellers to dirty tricks and fake news to blackmail.

Why choose us?

The Team

When facing a threat to reputation, decision makers face two extra risks - don’t do enough to avoid harm, or do the wrong things and make it worse. We are experts at finding the path between the two to achieve better results.

We do this through a structured approach trusted by business leaders around the world, knowing that if you approach problems the same way everyone else does you will get the same results.

How to protect reputation from illegal conduct

Event: Wednesday 29 July 2020. This webinar will look at how the criminal activity of others can cause damage to the reputations of businesses and prominent families. Sign up for more details.

The New Public Interest

The concept of ‘the public interest’ is at the heart of the most significant issues affecting reputation, from protecting confidences to reporting controversial topics. The pandemic is changing the relationship between business and the state, and will change how you protect reputation.

Betting on failure: how to fight back against short sellers

Outsiders place vast amounts of money predicting businesses will suffer. They’re not always right, and it’s possible to check the tactics before they drag values down.