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How do we take proactive steps to protect our privacy and reputation online?

Even with the best advice, the effect of different jurisdictions and viral circulation can limit the effect of legal tactics. This means it is vital to take proactive steps to guard against reputation and privacy harm online before it happens.

Having worked with diverse client bases from prominent families and their second and third generation heirs, large corporations and their executive teams through to leading sports clubs, we have a vast body of intelligence on where incursions in reputation and privacy are most likely to occur – and how to reduce the chances of it happening to you.

What type of threats can you face?

Often mistakes can come through failing to understand the risks of loose privacy settings, over sharing information or neglecting the impact that certain types of posting can have on your reputation. Much of this can be innocuous, but for those in the public eye – or thrust into the public eye – the material can be exploited by others to expose or embarrass the subject.

What sort of examples are there?

There is a vast and diverse range. Some of the most striking issues our researchers have uncovered include:

What can be done about it?

There are two approaches we adopt – the first is analysing a target the way that an investigative journalist would to spot issues before hostile parties do, the second is tailoring education sessions for prominent families, corporations or sports bodies to their specific vulnerabilities in order to highlight the likeliest areas of vulnerability they face and behaviours that would avoid problems occurring.

What about offline privacy?

We are also expert at protecting privacy in practical surroundings. This has arranged from working to secure the privacy and avert press and campaign interest in a prominent business figure’s wedding, through to securing a private event in Asia.

How do we get started with assessing our privacy vulnerability?

Get in touch.