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Donald Trump torn image in French newspaper. Photo by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText">Charles Deluvio</a>

What next for social media regulation after Trump?

It is simple to portray it as a debate between free speech absolutists and hand-wringers demanding that something must be done; between the two lie challenges in how regulation of ubiquitous transnational networks can work.

Remember privacy when posting your workout data

Recording activity helps us engage with exercise routine, but failing to understand the networks we use opens prominent people up to risk.

2020 Reputation case law developments

We review what 2020 brought in the way of media law developments and what they mean for businesses facing reputation risk.

Can banning anti-vax content work?

Writing in CityAM, we look at proposals to make social networks responsible for anti-vaccination misinformation. It's a step governments have run scared of so far.

CCTV cameras attached to a wall. Lots of them

UK security proposals show risk of gaps in reputation

Proposals to call in transactions for approval on national security grounds show again data being used to assess reputation. Understanding how those judgments work enables businesses to protect freedom to operate.

How to protect reputation from illegal conduct

The right use of civil law remedies can offer strong protection against reputation harm caused by involvement in criminal justice processes