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“This is not who we are — it’s not how we do business”

Why admitting corporate detachment from what a business really does, is more damning than defence

Pile of open books. Photo by <a href="">Gülfer ERGİN</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

An unusual response to book theft

Not all infringement needs to be treated equally

What do AI chatbots mean for privacy?

As the use of AI chatbots becomes increasingly prevalent in various industries, it is important for companies to consider the potential privacy implications of such technology under English law.

Online Reviews: Litigating to protect reputation

A faulty hotel air con unit has exposed a surprising use of NDAs in the battle to manipulate online reputation.

Twitter in flux: will it become vulnerable to defamation lawsuits?

If the denuding of Twitter's human assets affects internal processes, the company may lose the advantage of the statutory defamation get-out-clause.

Can TV humiliation redeem a reputation?

Those trying to repair a damaged reputation must weigh-up the benefits of quick fixes against longer-term rehabilitation by re-earning credibility and trust the hard way.