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CCTV cameras attached to a wall. Lots of them

UK security proposals highlight risk of gaps in reputation

Proposed new powers to call in transactions for approval on national security grounds are another example of how data is being used to assess reputation from afar. Understanding how those rough judgments work enables businesses to avoid their freedom to operate being disrupted.

How to protect reputation from illegal conduct

The right use of civil law remedies can offer strong protection against reputation harm caused by involvement in criminal justice processes

The new public interest: what it means for business

The concept of 'the public interest' is at the heart of the most significant issues affecting reputation, from protecting confidences to reporting controversial topics. The pandemic is changing the relationship between business and the state, and will change how you protect reputation.

What do I do about a dirty tricks campaign?

What to do when a campaign in the course of your business or public life is being used for an ulterior purpose by hostile parties.

What should I do if we are to be featured in a documentary?

Over the past decade, there has been a shift in the focus by major TV channels to current affairs, increasing the breadth of investigative programmes and their search for targets - often in the shape of businesses and the people behind them.

How do I deal with an undercover reporter?

For every documentary of legitimate public interest, there is a failed piece where lawyers can show serious deficiencies in the behaviour of reporters and producers. This piece looks at some of the issues we most frequently encounter and how to deal with the scenario.