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Why Slateford?

When facing a threat to reputation, you face dual perils: don’t do enough and fail to avoid harm, or do the wrong things and make it worse. We are experts at guiding you to the narrow path between the two to achieve better results.

Road sign indicating a treacherous route

We understand that if you approach problems the same way everyone else does you will get the same results, and history shows that conventional approaches often do not work. Our structured approach forms the basis for better decision making.

  1. We look at why an issue has arisen – what reputation you need and with whom – to set objectives for what needs to be achieved in the short and long term.
  2. We use our extensive experience of how issues develop to identify potential futures, and the risks and opportunities along the way.
  3. We look at why things are happening, not just what is happening. Using the law is about changing behaviour and by understanding and evidencing motives you can better change the outcome.
  4. We execute plans creatively. We look at what will achieve our aims and plan activities from that, rather than falling back on precedents and standard models.
  5. Many reputation problems stem from a substantive problem. By dealing with the root cause lasting improvements are more efficiently achieved.

Throughout everything we do, we measure performance to see whether a strategy is working, confirm what is successful and look for opportunities to improve.