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Profiling, Compliance and Privacy

The data assembled on us influences how others view and interact with us. We work to identify issues that damage a reputation and create blocks, resolving the problems to protect freedom to operate.

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A growing challenge to reputation is the role of data aggregation and reporting and the impact of results you may not even know exist. With that comes risk if a gap is allowed to open between what a business thinks it is known for and what an outside observer would conclude from data, or lack of it.

Our profiling service provides help in three areas:

Compliance and due diligence profiling

Managing risk for institutions involves due diligence on who they choose to do business with, across a diverse range of activity from banking to citizenship and residency applications. Recent years have shown those processes to lean increasingly on aggregating third party data to make those assessments.

With that comes the risk of errors in the data or material that looks like a red flag but has an innocent explanation. We work with those approaching these processes or who have experienced difficulties to reverse the processes and understand what their profile is and whether it matches with the reputation they need to achieve their objectives.

Where false information appears we use our expertise in handling reputation law across jurisdictions to remedy it, or where substantive issues arise we work to resolve them.

Clients benefit by being able to form the business relationships they need to operate freely without error and misinformation stopping them.

Executive recruitment profiling

Changes of leadership in large organisations present numerous challenges, amongst them are two our service helps with: vetting candidates to ensure there are no reputation risks lurking in their history, and assessing whether their behaviours around their and their associates’ privacy is ready for the scrutiny that their new role entails.

Our service is designed and delivered by an expert team of journalists turned reputation lawyers, who understand where and how critics and campaigners dig information on senior executives to support campaigns and investigative journalism. To that we add decades of reputation and privacy law experience to recommend how those challenges can be dealt with, and protective steps the executive and their families can take to avoid intrusion in the future.

Privacy protection

Those in the public eye always face the risk of intrusion, but many of the areas in which they are most vulnerable are predictable and can be anticipated in advice.

Our team pioneered work to proactively identify weaknesses in privacy protection and take steps to remedy them before press, campaigners or adverse actors do. The work is designed and delivered by the expert team of journalists turned reputation lawyers, who understand where and how risk arises and how to avoid it in the future.

Many clients benefit from keeping the protection up to date with regular tests as new events occur or to keep track of fresh information generated.

Case Study

International business with banking questions

The Challenge: A global business faced questions from their banks about their work in developing nations and links to the regimes. Investigations into other entities' relations with those governments had caused concern.

What We Did: We identified what was causing the bank concern and why flags were being raised. That allowed us to conduct a third party investigation into what had happened, validating explanations provided by the business and enabling the bank to satisfy its queries.

The Result: The banking relationship continued without disruption to our client. When a bank in another territory raised similar questions a year later, our client had the answer ready to deliver immediately.

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