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The new public interest

Event - 16 June: The concept of ‘the public interest’ is at the heart of the most significant issues affecting reputation, from protecting confidences to reporting controversial topics. The pandemic is changing the relationship between business and the state, and will change how you protect reputation. Sign up for more details

Arguments over ‘the public interest’ are at the heart of many serious reputation issues and the ability to defend against them, including erroneous investigative reporting, using leaked confidential information and intruding into the private lives of prominent individuals.

With private businesses accepting state subsidies, heightened regulations stemming from the Coronavirus and shifts in mood towards fairness in society, businesses need to adapt to how public interest arguments will be asserted over private businesses in the months and years ahead and what it means for handling reputation and legal issues.

In this session aimed at senior executives, corporate communicators and legal counsel we will look at:

We’re going to be joined in the discussion by Charles Carr from Serco Group Plc, the public services provider, to share insights into his experiences of what businesses can expect when despite being private sector they face heightened public interest arguments.

The discussion takes place on 16 June at 1.30pm via Zoom.

More information and registration details can be found at