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Is a “right to disconnect” a pandemic legacy?

With the uptick in both working from home and monitoring employee welfare as an ESG metric, we consider whether a 'Right to Disconnect' will become ingrained in UK law.

A smartphone showing insights statistics for a social media account

How social media stars are shunning greenwashing

Writing in CityAM, we consider the shifting power dynamic between influencers and companies.

Comms teams' four frequently asked legal questions

As reputation law experts, our team has decades of experience in helping PR and comms teams manage crisis situations, respond to complex enquiries and figure out the best course of action when stakes are high. We’ve outlined the below questions which come up from PR professionals time and time again – and while no two situations are the same, the answers can help shed a little light on these common queries.

Lessons learned from finding my way back to the workplace

Having taken a three-year career break to be with my small children, two events happened in short order which made me determined to return to work.

Celebrating women in law

In light of International Women's Day, our team members Natalie McEvoy and Jess Alden highlight important moments in their careers

Wind turbines against a sunset

Did the World Economic Forum just set us all a responsibility manifesto?

The World Economic Forum's Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics set major ESG goals for not just companies, but their executives too.