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Ok, but first reputation.

When does litigation to protect your intangible assets do more harm to the brand than good? Jess Alden explores the reputation cost of trademark disputes.

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Apple to give iCloud access to the loved ones of deceased users

Tech giant follows test case by our team to give effect to digital rights after life.

Diana, Bashir and the impact of trusted advisors

Martin Bashir’s alleged deception of Princess Diana’s inner circle in 1995 is an uncomfortable reminder to interrogate information before talking.

Dark-coloured books on a library bookshelf

Guilty until proven innocent: double standards on misinformation

Why laws around information can't only apply to people you agree with.

How whistleblowing policies can help protect corporate reputation

Whistleblowers can alert companies to hidden issues before they escalate and pose a risk to reputation.

A close-up image of a hand holding a smartphone, which shows a WhatsApp logo

Boris Johnson’s cell number problem exposes privacy risks

Reports that the prime minister's personal phone number has been accessible online for 15 years provide a stark reminder of why we should keep track of the details we share on the internet.