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Lessons learned from finding my way back to the workplace

Having taken a three-year career break to be with my small children, two events happened in short order which made me determined to return to work.

Celebrating women in law

In light of International Women's Day, our team members Natalie McEvoy and Jess Alden highlight important moments in their careers

Wind turbines against a sunset

Did the World Economic Forum just set us all a responsibility manifesto?

The World Economic Forum's Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics set major ESG goals for not just companies, but their executives too.

Why Clubhouse's users aren't free from legal risk

What's said on Clubhouse doesn't necessarily stay in the app - here's why users should proceed with caution.

Risks PRs face publishing contentious statements

When contentious issues arise, briefings and statements to the media can leave PRs on the hook for content they publish

GameStop stock chart. Photograph by Clay Banks for Unsplash

Sold short: why Reddit speculators will lose out in the GameStop gamble

While some may enjoy the discomfort caused for hedge funds, unusual market inflation never ends well