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Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2022

Our congratulations to our associate Jess Alden who has been shortlisted for Young Achiever at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2022.

The importance of strong leadership to crisis survival

Slateford conducted research of the most significant crises in 2021 to identify common factors and key contributing issues when it comes to weathering the storm in a crisis.

What to do when investigative journalists are contacting your people

Failure to deal with internal issues may not only lead to a bad press day, but also to investigation and rebuke.

Watch again: Difficult business – how to avoid crisis in a challenging environment

Our team of experts lawyers examine some of the main potential crises facing businesses operating in any sector, and discuss how you can prepare to protect your company's operation and reputation. (23 March 2022)

On International Women’s Day, it’s time to change the narrative on online abuse

If social media will not voluntarily protect women from online harms, the government's response must adequately address the issues women face every day online.

Will US investigations expose a link between investment research and market manipulation?

Regulators are asking whether it is akin to insider trading if a short-selling firm is allowed to publish negative research and is also free to benefit from a subsequent share price crash which it may have personally precipitated.