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A closer look at the public interest defence

Is there a right to get “matters of public interest” reporting wrong?


Will attempts to crack down on “gagging” clauses and NDAs work?

Following the #metoo scandal and the discovery of the repeated use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) by Arcadia as a result of racial and sexual harassment allegations against Phillip Green by former employees, some kind of Government intervention into the use of these agreements was anticipated.


Selecting the right reputational strategy during a data breach

The two most harmful elements of a data breach are (i) the financial cost of rectifying the situation; and (ii) harm to reputation and trust. The two elements are obviously linked. This note considers a few of the key legal considerations in crafting an optimal PR strategy during a data breach.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word (to master)

The key measure of reputation risk is the gap between stakeholders' expectations and reality.

Heavy burden slows use of Unexplained Wealth Orders

A report in The Times that unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) have been used only three times since being introduced – all against the same person – raises questions about the desire of UK authorities to exercise the power they gained early last year.

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(Google) Knowledge is Power

If you are in charge of the protection or promotion of a high-profile brand or reputation then you might have started to wonder - what is this new right-hand side bar that is appearing on Google? Welcome to Google's Knowledge Graph.