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Promising the earth

Setting meaningful ESG targets is becoming essential, but those who only pay lip service create serious reputation risk

Why are we still talking about misinformation?

Cancel culture on social media is thriving – but why is misinformation yet to be “cancelled”?

Ok, but first reputation.

When does litigation to protect your intangible assets do more harm to the brand than good? Jess Alden explores the reputation cost of trademark disputes.

Photo by <a href="">Karim MANJRA</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Apple to give iCloud access to the loved ones of deceased users

Tech giant follows test case by our team to give effect to digital rights after life.

Event: The financial and reputation rewards of getting ESG right

Are you Greenwashing? With companies increasingly making bold statements about their sustainability values, consumers and stakeholders are getting more vocal about whether corporates can truly substantiate their claims and their next target could be you. Join us on Tuesday 29 June at 12 noon for a free webinar.

Diana, Bashir and the impact of trusted advisors

Martin Bashir’s alleged deception of Princess Diana’s inner circle in 1995 is an uncomfortable reminder to interrogate information before talking.