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Twitter in flux: will it become vulnerable to defamation lawsuits?

If the denuding of Twitter's human assets affects internal processes, the company may lose the advantage of the statutory defamation get-out-clause.

Can TV humiliation redeem a reputation?

Those trying to repair a damaged reputation must weigh-up the benefits of quick fixes against longer-term rehabilitation by re-earning credibility and trust the hard way.

Pay deals under scrutiny

In a cost of living crisis, information around the lives and net worth of key corporate figures is being put under the public spotlight by the media.

We're hiring in autumn 2022

We are looking for lawyers (and aspiring lawyers) to join our growing team.

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Slateford shortlisted by the British Legal Awards 2022

The firm is a finalist for Crisis Management Team of Year in's annual awards in latest nomination.

PR Week: Inventing Anna lawsuit brings Netflix's controversial portrayal of real people into question

Jess Alden spoke to Evie Barrett at PRWeek about the importance of those publishing content taking into consideration whether 'made up' allegations in a broadcast or publication will truly be taken by the viewer/reader to be fiction or considered fact.