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Event: The financial and reputation rewards of getting ESG right


Are you Greenwashing? With companies increasingly making bold statements about their sustainability values, consumers and stakeholders are getting more vocal about whether corporates can truly substantiate their claims and their next target could be you. Join us on Tuesday 29 June at 12 noon for a free webinar.

Top of mind for investors, regulators, stakeholders and the general public and NGOs, environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is something any company looking to at the very least retain its position and even win market share should be scrutinising.

Getting ESG wrong can come at a heavy cost both financially and in terms of corporate reputation. Everyone’s talking about it, but how do you really cut through the noise and strategise? We’ve prepared a free webinar on Tuesday 29 June at 12 noon.

Guest speaker Tim Doubleday, CFO of Burger King and Chairman of the Environmental Leadership Team at Business In The Community joins Slateford’s Natalie McEvoy and Jess Alden to talk about the financial and reputation imperatives of doing ESG well, and where risks of getting it wrong are arising.

To join us on the day, click here to register.